Pas de Voix (Portrait of Samuel Beckett, 1987) (1986-87) "An impressionistic, cyclical, narrative sound portrait, touching on various aspects of Samuel Beckett's life." (Amirkhanian) Created from ambient recordings of the lobby of Beckett's apartment building, the open-air Metro stop across the street, the bells of Notre Dame, a sound sculpture, plus some extended-technique electric guitar sounds and a selection of sonic bodily functions. Commissioned by Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Cologne, Germany.

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The things one has to listen to . . . (1990) (10:00) In his novel, The Unnamable, Samuel Beckett's characters hear many intriguing sounds in the bleak landscape: "the sound of pierced air," and "a little cry like a wounded wistiti," to name just two. Occasionally he even describes the placement of sounds in space. Composed of acoustic and synthesized sounds etched into a background ambiance, The things one has to listen to . . . is a tribute to Beckett's vision in a world too busy to listen. Commissioned by NEW AMERICAN RADIO.

1994- "Things.." is a piece commissioned by New American Radio - a nationally syndicated program which offers air time to people outside the "radio world." I started the piece by dividing the allotted 10 minutes by the number of pages in Samuel Beckett's novel The Unnamable. Then I created a score by noting each sound mentioned by Beckett and placing it on the timeline. This "sound reading" was created using various samplers, effect devices and synthesizers.

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