Lois Oppenheim (ed.)

Samuel Beckett and the Arts:
Music, Visual Arts, and Non-Print Media

New York: Garland Publishing, 1999.

ISBN: 0-8153-2527-4


Table of contents

* Series Editor's Foreword, DANIEL ALBRIGHT
* Editor's Introduction, LOIS OPPENHEIM

Part I
1: Words and Music: Situating Beckett, EARL KIM
2: Samuel Beckett and the Arts of Time: Painting, Music, Narrative, H. PORTER ABBOTT
3: Beckett as Marsyas, DANIEL ALBRIGHT
4: Beckett's Music, CHARLES KRANCE
5: The Word Man and the Note Man: Morton Feldman and Beckett's Virtual Music, GUY DEBROCK
6: Reflections on Beckett and Music, With A Case Study: Paul Rhys's Not I, MARY BRYDEN
7: Sceptical Pictures in the Music of Company, DANIEL HERWITZ
8: A Statistical Analysis of Beckett's Musical Metaphors, MONCEF BELHADJALI and EDWARD J. LUSK
9: Interview With Philip Glass, NICHOLAS ZURBRUGG

Part II
10: Resonant Images: Beckett and German Expressionism, JESSICA PRINZ
11: Six Degrees of Separation: Beckett and the Livre d'Artiste, BREON MITCHELL
12: Nor Do My Doodles More Sagaciously: Beckett Illustrating Watt, DAVID HAYMAN
13: The Becketts of Mabou Mines, RUBY COHN
14: Interview With Maguy Marin, LOIS OPPENHEIM

Part III
15: The Silence That Is Not Silence: Acoustic Art in Samuel Beckett's Embers, MARJORIE PERLOFF
16: Working Wireless: Beckett's Radio Writing, STANLEY RICHARDSON and JANE ALISON HALE
17: All That Fall and Radio Language, CLAS ZILLIACUS
18: Mediatating On: Beckett, Embers, and Radio Theory, EVERETT C. FROST
19: Unswamping a Backwater: On Samuel Beckett's Film, SIDNEY FESHBACH
20: Continued Perception: Chaos Theory, The Camera, and Samuel Beckett's Film and Television Work, JOHN L. KUNDERT-GIBBS


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