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Here's PRESIDENT-To-Be Obama playing basketball mixvid. Mixvid??
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CAUTION: If, right now, it's more than an hour past the date/time appearing below,
run down to 4066 23rd St., ring the doorbell and ask Galen Workman
to please get his weather station in gear.
Unless it's somebody else's fault...
which it is, a lot of the time.

Just kidding. No doorbells, pls. Here's Galen visiting Australia

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No, that's not Yellowknife, CAlifornia. lt's Yellowknife, NWT CAnada, near the Arctic Circle.


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As of 10/21/08, at least 4,185 members of the U.S. military had died in Bush's Iraq war. They're all listed here, and can be passed on to anybody who might challenge you to name one person who was killed.
Yes, there are Limbaugh clones who "think" like that.

Cut!!          Run!!!!!

This mess put together by Lifeform*who, every 7½ years or so, tests out his bike accident survival skills.



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