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  Samuel Beckett Radio Plays
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    This five-part series presents American premiere productions of all the extant radio plays of Samuel Beckett (1906-1989). Each drama is introduced by a host and accompanied by a short interpretive documentary that includes interviews and discussions.



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“In 1955 the BBC, intrigued by the international attention being given to the Paris production of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, invited the author to write a radio play. Beckett was hesitant, but wrote to his friend Nancy Cunard, 'Never thought about radio play technique but in the dead of t’other night got a nice gruesome idea full of cartwheels and dragging of feet and puffing and panting which may or may not lead to something.' It led to All That Fall—and four other plays specifically written for the radio medium during the next twenty year period. Enjoyed all over the world, these remarkable plays from one of the twentieth century’s most distinguished authors have never until now been produced for national broadcast in the United States. These American premiers prepared in consultation with the author assemble internationally acclaimed casts of veteran Beckett actors and include original scores from two of America’s most distinguished composers.” – from the original Beckett Festival of Radio Plays program.

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